Individual Lessons - This type of training is designed to craft proper mechanics and strokes and to teach you how to HIT the ball. We work on getting things fine-tuned, in a controlled environment, so you can feel the different concepts being introduced.

Group Lessons -This type of training is a mix of physical workout, playing points/games, situational strategies, and a little bit of stroke development. We tend to try and keep the groups moving and active.This will also involve competition, something we stress here.

                                                              COACH ERIC          COACH SUKHWA          COACH KIRBY  Resident I Non-Resident                             

Privates                                           $65 I $70                 $55 I $60                   $45 I 50

Semi-Privates                                $55 I $60                 $45 I $50                   $35 I 40