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Our Philosophy

Our academy is based on understanding technical, strategic and tactical information. Our students not only have the understanding of what they're doing, both good and bad, but that they are able to understand how to make adjustments during a match. Often a couple of weeks of training is all that is needed to see improvement. At the same time, we focus on staying calm emotionally in order to achieve the best possible results during match play, rather than the negative emotions that may drag a player down. 

Our IQ Philosophy

Often times we purposely question our students in a vague matter, knowing that the student will not know the answer we are looking for simply for them to analyze and have to think about these things. This will provide the student to better understand the problem we are trying to solve.

Our "One Size Doesn't Fit All" Philosophy

We believe that every student is different, and what may work for one person may not work for another. We tailor our coaching to the student's needs, as well as their learning curve, regardless of whether they are visual or audio learners. This will give us an understanding of how they respond to certain types of coaching. We find ways to reach every student and take great pride in the individuality of our coaching. 

Our Airplane Philosophy

Educating our students on proper terminology, basic and advanced fundamentals and general nuisances of the game is a high priority for us. The idea is that if someone were to start up a tennis conversation on an airplane our students would be able to confidently converse about this subject.